The company was involved in real estate deals in excess of about 30MM in the last year, most of fall within our investment criteria: residential properties (either existing or redevelopment opportunities) in good submarket throughout South Florida that produce or have the ability to produce good returns and have potential to appreciate/capitalize on once the housing market comes back. BBK is dedicated to provide the best results to all of our business associates.

Generally the company is very open minded in terms of choosing our investors, Equity partners, companies to JV with etc… every deal is structured differently.

We will source, underwrite, negotiate, investigate and take transactions all the way to closing and once that is done we will manage the project and will do everything in our power to over deliver our projections. We are proud to stick to an underwriting system that works, we will underwrite every property at the worst case scenario and only if still make sense we will further investigate, do a complete market research and hit the street`s to shop every comparable property around, talk to the locals and then evaluate every asset`s strength and weakness to achieve a comfort level before making a final decision. Integrity, courtesy, hard works, team work, creativity and professionalism are some of the core principles of our company and always a priority when doing business.