BBK real estate was established in 2010 and has become one of south Florida leaders in Real estate investments and property management. Our main goal is to achieve success to our potential investors and ourselves while we handle every aspect throughout the deal process, from sourcing the deal, acquisition, improvement if needed, management and growth of a portfolio with wide range of real estate investments.

We invest in select real estate projects that provide the opportunity to create and capture value. At BBK we believe that real estate investments, particularly those in high growth regions, continue to be outstanding long-term (and short term in some cases) performers.

Investing in real estate for us is about stability, comfortable returns, maximizing the bottom line with hands on operations, increasing value and achieving the upside at disposition.

We structure offerings around our real estate deals in many ways as we work and maintain relationships with many different groups from the business, from Wealthy individuals to well established companies, both domestic and international.